Thursday, July 22, 2010

{ Fairy Flora, Clementine Rose ribbon and Floral necklace }

Beautiful new products are featured on Prima blog today, including my layout  that I made using Floral  necklace (white) and Clementine Rose ribbon. The banner is made from canvas paper and Jack & Jill stamp. Some of the pebbles have a jewel ring around them and they are so pretty.

•Fairy Flora- Sunlight Daisies - 841768
•Pebbles (black) - 541545
•Ribbon pink - 542290
•Love Letter Pink rose -542757
•Mountain Lily Pink flower branch -543051
•white flower necklace -544201
•Screen printed canvas - 920722
•Alpha stickers pink - 541804
•Laminated canvas butterfly - 541743
•Jack & Jill stamp - 542016
•Jack & Jill pebbles - 541491
•Fairy flora pebbles - 541491
A card with that beautiful Clementine Rose ribbon. I added the butterfly, flowers and canvas shape. I love the colors in Fairy Flora collection. Let me know what you think.

•Fairy Flora Paper- Garden Party - 841775
•Road Trip Paper- Road Trip - 841881
•Rose Ribbon -542290
•Pink flower ribbon - 542290
•Sugarplum Yellow roses-543709
•Fairy Flora flower pack -543556
•Laminated canvas shapes- 541712


  1. Very very pretty D!

  2. I think I've died and gone to floral heaven, sigh...

  3. Diane, that is too funny!

  4. Beautiful! Would you happen to know when and/or where the clementine rose ribbon can be purchased?


  5. Beautiful! I wondered if you knew where and/or when the clementine rose ribbon could be purchased.


  6. GORGEOUS layout and card, such pretty details to look at.

  7. Divine!!! The details in your projects always amaze me!
    These are stunning, Daniela!! ♥♥ Kay


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