Friday, June 01, 2007

{ What does your name mean? }

Daniela D is for Devious A is for Adventurous N is for Natural I is for Inspirational E is for Enjoyable L is for Luxurious A is for Adventurous What does your name mean?


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  2. HI Daniella:

    I cam across your blog from one of my other blg sites that I have found through Maria at Cards inspired by Maria. I thought that since you had included the link for what does your name mean and thought that I would try it out to see what it came up with. Here is what my name means.

    C is for Charismatic

    A is for Adventurous

    R is for Romantic

    O is for Opalesce

    L is for Lovable

    L is for Loving

    E is for Exuberant

    E is for Excellent

    I love your blog and have just subscribe to it. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

    Carol Lee


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