Thursday, March 22, 2012

{ Everyday sentiments–Miss Art’s Papercrafting School }

Coming to Miss Art’s Papercrafting School a class by ME!!! Can you believe it! 12 videos, 6 cards and 6 techniques. Class starts April 1, 2012.

Here are some class samples.

What do you think?

Here is a link to Miss Art’s Papercrafting School so you can check it out. Plus, read below about FREE classes.

Below is a class description with a promo video.

You know the feeling. The 5-minute rush to get out the door arrives, and you’ve forgotten to make, or even buy, a card. Now you’re either late to the party, or you arrive empty handed. In “Everyday Sentiments” Card Making Master Daniela Dobson helps you avoid that last minute panic by walking you through the creation of 6 perfectly versatile cards. Working alongside Daniela through this 12-video class, you’ll learn more about stamping, embossing, flower making, and bow tying while creating an array of greetings to keep close at hand. Whether you are headed out the door, or headed to the mailbox, “Everyday Sentiments” takes the panic out of cardmaking on April 1, 2012.

Miss Art’s Papercrafting school is offering FREE classes starting tomorrow! March 23.


The headmistress at Miss Art's would like to invite you to our biggest free class event yet!  Beginning on Friday,  March 23rd, you will have 3 days to check out three of our most popular classes for free, no subscription needed. 

Three of our 201 class have nearly completed their 12 months of availability, and each of these amazing classes deserves a farewell party!  The Secret Garden with Stacy Cohen, B. You! with Heidi Kelley, and All About Me with Bethany Kartchner have all been around for nearly a year, and will soon be removed from our class schedule to make room for some amazing new classes.  That means that this weekend is your chance to check them out one last time, for FREE!  If you've been thinking about joining our student body, consider this your campus tour, led by three amazing teachers. When you visit us on Friday, head to the "Classes" page to view this weekend's free classes.  We'll see you there!  



  1. Your class looks fantastic Daniela!!

  2. looks FABULOUS Daniela!

  3. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Congratulations, Daniela!! Looks beautiful!!


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