Monday, November 26, 2007

{ Cosmo Cricket Biography 101 Album }

Cosmo Cricket is our DT sponsor this month at Create My Keepsake. I received this wonderful album, Biography 101 and Little Boys paper collection. How perfect to start an album for my little boy. This album is going to contain all major milestones and I am calling it "A book of firsts". This required some planning, but once I got my page designs it was easier than I thought. I have three basic layouts and I made sure I had spots for horizontal and vertical photos. Once the baby is here and I have all those photos at least I will have one completed projects and all I have to do is add photos. I have a plan for another little album project and this album is going to record things by months. I took an online class at Srap-A-Faire called All about baby by Janna Wilson and she presented a simple layout album that can be completed in advance.
All the photos are small because I have 20 pages, but you can click on each one for a closer look.


  1. Anonymous10:43 AM

    How very precious that album is! A dear friend gave me one 13 years ago when my son was born. I feel horrible for having never finished it! LOL I wasn't into scrapping or stamps back then. I think I will get it out now!
    Congratulations on your beautiful room too. Love the paintings you are making! The bedding is so sweet....there is actually a cockatoo on that bedding! I have one!! How sweet.
    Bless your final days of this glorious forever life changing event!

  2. This is so adorable! Wow every page is beautiful! I love every layout and how you put it all together. Your little boy is soooooooo loved now and there is soooooooo much more love you will have once the little fella is here. Do you have any names yet?
    Oh I don't know if I mentioned that you are so cute!

  3. Daniele I really do not know why but I think you are going to have a girl Can not tell you why just a feeling
    Love your book every page of it
    Hugs Moon

  4. Absolutly love this little book- you are such a talented artist. Can't wait to see the little guys room completed that Koala is such a cutie!!

  5. This is adorable Daniela! Really love everything in here. Just gorgeous!

  6. you did an amazing job on this! It's such a beautiful album!


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