Monday, May 28, 2007

{ Blog Candy }

***I am making this post "sticky" so it will stay on top until Monday. Please read below for any new posts. Thanks.***
Yes, finally. All you need to do is post a comment here and tell me where you are from. If there is anything you would like to know, ask me a question. I will randomly draw a winner Monday night, May 28, at 8:00 pm CST. This will give everyone a chance to play since it's a holiday weekend. Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. I have some glitter papers from Die Cuts With A View Nana's Kids Collection, Offray ribbon, clear stamps from Michaels and two blocks, chipboard flowers, chipboard photo corners and tags from American Crafts and a little treasure tin.
***I corrected the date, sorry.


  1. I'm going to play even if your date says Monday, May 21st... which was a few days ago... the post time says you posted it today (the 24th)

    Anyway, I am Nancy and I live in Calgary AB Canada!

  2. I love your cards each and every day look forward to looking for them. That's definitely some great looking blog candy! YUMMY! :)

    I'm Jenn and I live in Texas! :)

  3. Hello! I'm Cheryl from Madison, Wisconsin. I am a new blogger and just love it. I am so addicted to stamping and scrapbooking! Your candy is so pretty! Here's my question to you: what do you think the best invention is of your lifetime? Thanks.
    Cheryl KVD

  4. Hello Daniela! I found you by a comment on the Elsie Blog, my name is Daniela as well! I live in Walnut Creek, CA. Our name is very "different" and I don't see it too often! Loved visiting your blog, stop by and say hi on mine one day!

  5. Hello,
    Great blog candy! Nancy Elrick sent me your link and I like what I see - very nice blog!

    BC, Canada

  6. Anonymous4:20 AM


  7. Hi there!
    My name is Kirsi and I am from Finland (which is located in northern Europe). You have very nice blog. Welcome to visit mine sometimes. Have a great day!

  8. Anonymous6:08 AM

    Hello - I'm from PCMB - Love your entries for the Gallery Idol.
    My name is Kimmie/Levittown, PA.

  9. Hi Daniela! I live in Newfoundland, Canada. I have subbed to your blog, and enjoy reading it. Awesome candy you have up for grabs!

  10. Hi Daniela,

    Love the blog and your beautiful cards and pages. My name is Pam and I live in Roswell, GA, the one without the aliens:).

    I'm off to Staples to find some birdie Post-its!

  11. Anonymous6:30 AM

    I'm Angel and I live in Georgia. I love finding new blogs and just found you. I always love to hear someone's favorite color combo... what is yours?

  12. I'm Diane from Ontario, Canada and love visiting blogs. I get so much inspiration from them. My question to you is: Where do you get your inspiration?

  13. Hi Daniela!! I hang at CMK. Love your blog...what great blog candy!!! I am Becca and live in South Bend, IN. One question I like asking people is what is your fave movie...of all time??? Thanks for letting me post!! have a great day!

  14. Hi there...Denise from Long Island, NY here! Great blog!

  15. what a great blog!! I am from Cincinnati Ohio!!

  16. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Hi loving your blog site. I am Kelly from cold Minnesota.

  17. I am Sara from Wonderful Oregon and this is a great blog!

  18. Hi Daniela, I am in Nova Scotia, on the east coast of Canada. Love checking up on your blog, you are a fantastic paper artist!!!

  19. Hi Daniela---------I just love your blog and your creations. I get automatic updates on your blog so I check it everytime! I live down in the US, in a small town (Beech Grove) in the middle of IN. A very boring little town I must say but I have made a few good friends since we moved here from Washington state!! Oh how I miss home! Great blog candy too by the way! Thanks for sharing

  20. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Great blog candy. Thanks for sharing. I am Mary and I live in Stopover, KY.

  21. WOW what awsome blog candy!!! TFS!! Im Shannon and Im from Ontario Canada

  22. HI! Just found your blog candy from Allison's link.

    I'm from Center Line, MI, USA.

  23. Great Blog Candy!

    I am from Pennsylvania. About an hour and a half away from Wellsville NY.

  24. Hey! I found your blog through Allison's link too. Nice blog! My name is Alison and I'm from Scotia, New York (about 3 hours directly north of NYC).

  25. Hello from Sheridan, WY. I see you are a member of the Impression Obsession design team. A friend of mine and a lady from whom I've learned a lot is also a member of the new team -- Julie Koerber. I hope you get to meet her someday. Congratulations!


  26. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Hi! I'm Kristine, from Ontario Canada. Great blog candy! My question is, when do you stamp? Do you set time aside, or just when you are feeling creative, or when you have free time?

  27. I'm Ila from Southern Saskatchewan. Great blog!

  28. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Look at all the Canadian's out to play.LOL I am from a little town in Saskatchewan. I just love the colors of this candy, so bright. I have a question for you When you get a card that just doesn't look quite right, what do you do about it. Do you just throw it away, give it to your Mom(we all know they will love it anyways) or do you try and improve it. Thanks for the chance.

  29. Great Blog. I'm Wanda from Minnesota

  30. Anonymous10:04 AM

    great blog I read it every day
    my question is: If you need a card for a personal mather ore situation Don't you ever buy one? do you have ever (some sneaky time) the lazy feeling and buy a card
    Thanks for shearing jour ideas
    sorry for my english
    From Holland

  31. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Thanks for the candy! I'm Sandra and I live in Round Lake Beach, IL however, I'm originally from Panama City, Panama. Thanks!

  32. Ummmm! Yummy candy. I'm enjoying your blog from Madison, Alabama but I'm originally from Knoxville, Tennessee.

  33. Claudia from WI, love your blog!
    Where do you get your inspiration?

  34. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Hi, I am from Texas too. I can't stop looking at all of these stamping blogs. Here is my question......

    On average how long do you spend on your stamping (actually making, blogging etc..) per day?

    Thanks for the chance to win some great candy.

  35. Hey Daniela! Awesome Blog Candy! I'm Kandis From Tacoma, WA! Thanks!

  36. Hi Daniela! I'm from Pittsburgh, PA. {{Hugs}}

  37. Hi Daniela, I love your style! I'm from Germany

  38. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Hi Daniela! I love your work, your blog is great, and it was an honor to be among talented designers, such as yourself, in the PC 'Gallery Idol' challenge! I also would like to ask you where you get your inspiration?

    Rae ('raescards') in Huntsville, Alabama

  39. Anonymous4:05 PM

    I visit your blog daily and I really appreciate your creativity. I always know where to come for inspiration!

    Stefanie in AZ

  40. Hello,

    I'm visiting your blog for the first time. I like what I see!

    Hannah From Norman, Ok

  41. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Hello I live on a small farm in Valleyford Washington with my husband. We have lived here in the same place for 35 years.
    I would like to know how you enjoy your new blog and is it hard to keep writing in it and coming up with things to write about?

  42. hi my name is lilian and i'm from irvine, ca.

    my question is: how do u come up with your color combinations? i always have a hard time coming up with creative colors...

  43. Anonymous5:43 PM

    My name is Jennifer and I live in Townsend, Massachusetts.

    I was just over at Fresh & Fun and was scrolling though Beate's favs and you popped up.

    It is a pleasure over here and I will be sure to bookmark you now. Thank you for sharing yourself!

  44. Anonymous11:12 PM

    so my name is netanella kahalon levi and I'm from ISRAEL!!!!
    yes yes the very small contry in the middle east!
    i just found your blog and loooooove it!
    you are an inspiration for me!
    the papercraft just started to get to here and you have only one company of rubber stamps(hero )
    and its very expensive but Im addicted....are not we all??
    sorry for my bad english.....

  45. Kelli from Saddle Brook,New Jersey. My life has definitely gotten in the way lately and I have not been on CMK boards in several weeks ok probably more like months. Finally had some time and was checking out things and what a blog candy you are giving away. have a good holiday weekend.

  46. Pat from Payson Ut.
    I am a fan of your cards! I have so many of them in my "favorites" at CMK
    enjoy your blog too!

  47. HI Daniela.

    It is Stefani from CMK.

    Hmmmm for my question I would like to know.....

    Why is the sky blue?


    Stefani in AZ

  48. Hi...I'm Linda & reside in the Pacific NW. How long have you been creating cards? You are so talented!

  49. wow, Daniela, yummy candy. :) i'm in northeast indiana and i want to know...

    how did you meet your hubby? :D

  50. DANG girl, look at all those comments! I think I need those stamps girly!!!

  51. Anonymous6:54 AM

    LOL Daniela. I think I need those stamps more than Tina! But, wow, you definitely have gotten a ton of comments. I absolutely adore the little butterflies that fly over the slide feature you have set up.

    I'm from MA! :)

  52. Anonymous7:52 AM

    This candy is just way to sweet. What fun you could have with all of this. My mind is just going crazy thinking of all the things I could do if I won. I'm coming from Cleveland Missouri...that's right Missouri...not Ohio.

  53. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Hello! Patti from Illinois. Thanks for sharing all of your great designs and ideas! I enjoy visiting your blog.

  54. Kelli Johnson from Lynchburg, VA

    and what was your favorite childhood toy?

  55. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Hi Daniela! Fun stuff you got there. ;) That is very sweet of you to offer up a little prize pack. :)

    Roree (in AL)

  56. Hello, I'm V and I'm from OK. I was so hoping to get to meet you at GASC in June! Looks like I'm only going to be there on Thursday which means I'm going to miss seeing you!

    Oh yes, Pick me! Pick me! :)


  57. Anonymous9:44 AM

    I'm from Gold Canyon, AZ. Love your blog, and all your lovely creations!


  58. Hi Daniela!
    I'm from Singapore and just found your blogsite while browsing the Paper Salon blogsite, and I must say you make the prettiest cards I've ever seen! I've been making cards since last year, and scrapbooking since Jan 07, and am loving every minute of it. Handmade cards are not a big thing here where I live, which is unfortunate, but I have a handful of friends who appreciate the cards that I have made so far, which by the way, are a far cry from yours, so I am really glad I found your website. I'm gonna take my time and browse through all the cards that you've posted, and hopefully learn a thing or two about making some really nice cards!! :)Thanks!

  59. Fun goodies Daniela!!!! I was just talking about you last night! My mom and I were at the store and flipping thru some scrappy mags. I came across several of your cards. Gorgeous work!

    Debbee from Iowa.

  60. Hi Daniela!

    Great blog prize and great blog! I just added you to my blog roll. I'm from South Western Ontario Canada. Have a fabulous long weekend!

  61. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Great bog prizes! Im from Denver Colorado.
    I really enjoy reading your blog daily. You have such talent.
    Have a wonderful long weekend.


  62. Anonymous11:53 AM

    What great blog candy! You are so generous!

    My name is Megan, and I am a fellow Texan. :)

  63. hey girl love your cards thay are so beautiful

    maria from Oregon :D

  64. Hi there!

    I'm from Washington state!

  65. Anonymous3:00 PM

    My name is Sandie and I'm from
    akron, Ohio. Great candy!!

  66. This comment has been removed by the author.

  67. Hi! I found your blog not too lon ago and just stopped by again when I saw you won a contest from Paper Salon.. congrats!
    My question(s) is How did you start crafting? I am always curious to hear what got people into this awesome addiction.. er.. I mean craft... lol
    I also would like to know if you enter alot of contests/calls. any advice to someone who would like to start doing calls/contests?
    I am Jan from CT.

  68. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Hey there!!! From sunny Tracy, CA!!! :) :) :)

  69. Enjoy you blog and what a treat candy to go with it. I am originally from New York City but currently residing in Ft. Lauderdale. Bought some of that glitter paper yesterday, it is really nice.

  70. Hello! I'm Stacy from Savannah, Georgia :) Your work is beautiful!!

  71. Hi Danniela
    I am Marcia and I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
    I love your work since the papermadememories forum....and I found you now at CMK forum.
    your blog is beautiful and I love all your paper creations.
    Don't worry, if I win the candy you can send my gift to my relative's home in NY. LOL
    Hugs from Brasil
    Marcia (MarciaCM)

  72. Great blog candy!! I love the clear stamps and use them a lot. I'm from Sheridan, WY (northern), but grew up on a farm in Central Wyoming. I've only been stamping and making cards for a little over three years but I'm definitely hooked. :)

  73. Thank you for your comment on my blog! I just found you and will a regular reader for sure! Great candy too.

    I am Tracy and I am from Calgary, Alberta, Canada!

  74. Hi! My name is Pam and I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan. What part of Texa are you from.

  75. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Hi Daniela...Congrats on being in the top 15 of the Idol contest. It didn't surprise me as your cards are truly amazing. I live in WA state where my family enjoys camping. If you were to critique others cards, what is the biggest mistake that you see others make?

  76. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Hi! I've seen several posts with your scraproom pics and would love to know where you got those curtains. They are too cute!

    Brandi Pitts

  77. Hi! I'm Deanna from S. Indiana. Love your Blog and your work. I am from Memories2You and saw your posts there. Great cards and what a fun RAK!

  78. Anonymous11:04 PM

    Hey that's a nice RAK. :)

    Katrina H in AZ

  79. i am from Melbourne, Australia! eeek! what gorgeous stamps you are giving away! :)

  80. Anonymous1:41 AM

    Hi Daniela
    I'm Kelly from New Zealand.
    I love your blog with all your lovely cards! Your work is beautiful.

    I have to say that Americans get to play with a whole lot more seriously gorgeous toys! Love those stamps :)

  81. HI DANIELA from Sunny Singapore !

    Great & fab work you have ! I first saw your creations on 2peas but have seen yr work on CMK as well as other locations !

    Great blog candy you have here ! many thanks !


  82. Anonymous6:04 AM

    HI Daniela! Loving your work and the fun stamps! I recently tried acrylics for the first time and and now addicted! Please add my name for your draw!

    Cindy : )

  83. Anonymous8:17 AM

    I always look forward to seeing your amazing creations. You are quite an artist. Thank you for taking the time to share with all of us.


  84. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Hi! I am from Powder Springs, GA(suburb of Atlanta)and I just discovered your blog. I love your beautiful cards and ideas. I plan to be a daily reader. Thanks for the blog candy!

  85. Hi

    My name is Linda and I live in Street, Maryland, about 50 miles north of Baltimore. Your cards are great.

    Linda Webb

  86. Anonymous11:31 AM

    LaDonna here from Austin, TX. I actually do have a question for you:
    What is the best kind of ink to use with the clear stamps? I have tried using my SU ink non craft and haven't had good luck with my images being clear or bold. I hope you can help!
    Thanks! Love the blog, so inspiring!

  87. THIS looks so yuummy! I love your work, I have seen your cards on magazines, and 2 peas, Thanks for sharing your talent and blog candy!!

    Bety :)

  88. Love your blog, and your work, TFS your talents with everyone!

  89. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Hi Daniela, You are such a great cardmaker, I can learn a lot of you. I sometimes try to lift your creations but they never look as good as yours, bleh.
    I live in the Netherlands.
    Have a nice day.

  90. Hi Daniela, Love your blog...I am from Nova Scotia, Canada. Have a great week!!

  91. You have a great blog!! The candy looks fabulous!!

    Elaine from Seattle~


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