Tuesday, October 23, 2007

{ Tagged }

I was tagged by Kandis, thanks girl, and I have to share 7 random facts about me.

1. English is my second language and I try to spell check everything. If you ever see a mistake on my blog, now you know why.
2. I love Coke, I have at least one a day. It doesn't taste good now that I am pregnant, so I switched to Sprite or Ginger Ale. I really hope my taste for Coke comes back.
3. I don't like surprises.
4. I have been driving a stick shift since I learned how to drive. My next car is going to be an automatic.
5. I taught myself how to sew and quilt.
6. I don't like cold weather.
7. I love pop-up books.

Deb tagged me with a smile tag, thank you. If you want to play along just consider yourself tagged by me. Leave me a link to your blog here so I can read some fun facts about you.

I have to share one more Halloween card with you using my new Glitter Halloween stack from DCWV.


  1. Your card is great, love that little bag tag, thanks for sharing, my first car was a stick shift, no one would teach me so I learned when I bought the car and had to drive it off the lot, interesting to say the least.

  2. Your card is beautiful. love how you attached the little bag with the sheer ribbon.


  3. Love the Halloween card! I did not know about the DCWV glitter stack for Halloween! It looks like it rocks!

    Interesting reading on your facts! What is your first language or was that supposed to be a joke?

  4. Thanks for sharing your facts!! I'm totally obsessed with pop up books too! I have almost all of Robert Sabuda's books!

  5. Esta combinacion de colores, es bellisima! Todos los elementos estan preciosos!

  6. I sure hope you get your taste for Coke back too! Nothing tops the taste of an icy cold Coke!


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