Friday, December 07, 2007

{ Blog candy winner !!!!! }

I didn't think I was going to make it. I was gone all day and the last thing I did was register for baby items. Wow, that took a long time. There are way too many choices out there. If you have any suggestions/recommendations/must haves... let me know. And the winner is...................Anna !!!!! She lives in Poland and this is what she said: I'd love to win this. Here in Poland I can't buy such magazines or stamps ;-( So I hope I'll be lucky in the drawing. Thanks Daniela for your blog - love to visit it as you make great things and inspire me a lot! As for my blog - here is the TFL! Anna, email my your address so I can send you this. Thanks everyone for stopping by and reading my blog. I will be visiting you in the next few days.


  1. Here are my must-haves (and I like to buy these for my GFs having their first since they will never know life without it!): bumbo (can't hold that kid all day!), sling for early on, baby bjorn for later, a sleepsack (unless your baby is a hot sleeper), robeez shoes.

    I am sure there are more but Charlotte is two now! My memory is gone now after having two!

  2. Congrats to Anna - she must be thrilled.

  3. Thanks!!! Yes I am. I'm on cloud nine ;-) I really didnt expect I might win. But I did. WOW!
    Big hugs and thanks to you - Daniela for your candy! I've emailed my address to you already. And now will check my mailbox every day ;-)

  4. Anonymous11:22 AM

    wonderful blog site. I am new (2 months old hee hee) I just found the art of stamping. Your work is great. Congrats on your pregnancy...I have three kiddies myself. I will visit here often.
    Bela (Ontario- Canada)

  5. Congratulations Anna! :)

  6. Wow! How awesome is that? To be connected all the way over to Poland! Congrats!


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